• Kelley

Feeling Lonely

I love that he loves me. I love that he loves me. I love that he loves me. He loved me first. How can I love or know of love if he had not loved me. My heart melts in his presence. His love is all consuming. He speaks to my heart. His love for the people is pure and it is true. A real, true love.

He is here for you. He is here for the lonely ones. He wants to wrap his arms around the lonely ones. He wants to set your heart on fire for him. He is the craving of love that you so so desire. You may not realize that love that you so desire is for him. He wants to flood you with his love. He is for you not against you.

Open your heart to receive of his love. Let him quench that desire. Let him fill you to overflowing. Let him be all that you need. Run to his arms. Let him know what you're in need of. Speak truth to him. He will hear you. He already hears you. He listens to you. You mean so much to him if you only knew.

Lord quench my desire. Quench my desire for only you!

I love sitting on the floor of my room each day, waiting for my Heavenly Father to meet. He fills me with love and tears start to roll down my cheek. He loves me and how I love him. He takes away all our hurt and our pain. He takes away the worries and the distress. He fills those places with his love, so that the worries of this world do not weigh us down. His love is what he wants to fill us with, so that we run to him and to no other.

Let it be, let it be him that I see. Each day is passing away but his love will never fade away.

His Heart Speaks

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