I have created you with an everlasting love.

The things you go through are not in vain. God has seen it all and he sees you.

You may have done things that you regret or maybe you done things and you don’t know why you even did them. If you run to your Heavenly Father, the one who died on the cross for you and ask for his forgiveness he will forgive. He will forgive you because he loves you.

You don’t have to question the mistakes from your past any longer because it’s forgotten about. He forgives you. There is power in forgiveness. Forgive the ones who hurt you. Forgive yourself for your own sins you have committed.

There is peace, there is freedom and it is yours. God is willing to forgive you. He wants you to feel his freedom and know his love that he has for you. He loves you so much.

I pray that the Lord would draw you to him. Draw you into knowing his love. His love is perfect and kind.

Know this, God has not given up on you and he never will.

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