• Kelley

Forgive Them

Sometimes we have a tendency to remember the negative moments from the past. We can recall the pain and hurt from the past, but we don’t speak of the good times. What if I told you that God wants to bring those things to the surface and heal those broken wounds from your past and restore what was stolen. So that what you recall is the good moments and no longer the past. He wants you to forgive those who have hurt you. He wants you to finally lay them down at his feet so that he can bring healing to your soul and heart. Back when I was in school they had a student come up and erase the boards. I hear the Father saying I want to wipe your slate clean. I want to take those moments that caused you great pain and finally erase them from your heart. Will you allow me to come in a do a little surgery and remove that pain that you have held on to for so long. Right now, I am coming in. Even as you read this there is that one person whom you have not released to me. Release them.. release them to me.. (forgive them, forgive yourself for allowing them to cause you so much pain) As you forgive them... truly forgive them... I see him coming in and he is now stitching up, mending together. That sting of the past is being removed. That sting from those in your past will no longer bother you.


His Heart Speaks

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