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Gift of God is: Eternal Life

My gift 🎁 to you is eternal life...

But the wages of sin... is death

Eternal = forever, long lasting, without end

I had a conversation with someone and we got on the topic of homosexuality. I started to explain to them that there is no sin that is “worse" than another. Lying is a sin just as homosexuality is a sin. God doesn’t say murder is worse than lying. They are equal. God forgives the murderer who is willing to repent and not turn back and do it again.

Homosexuality is sexually immoral, but so is pornography. If someone has an addiction to pornography how is it any different than homosexuality. They are both immoral. God does not see one worse than the other. Sin is sin! Thank God we have a deliverer who freed us from all sin. He loves us so much that he already died to all of it for us.

I was addicted to to fitness. I loved being in shape. I loved working out. I loved it so much that it became an obsession. I needed to look a certain way and if I didn’t it would consume my mind. I became disappointed in myself because I couldn't live up to a certain image. There also were others who I dated who spoke words over me that made me feel less than who I was. So I thought if I looked a certain way I will be liked and desired. Well the desire of "the look" consumed me.

Eventually, the Lord stripped me of the obsession of “my image” and having to look a certain way. I wasn’t able to keep up with the “image” because I got sick. Sometimes God has to take something away or “strip away” something in order for us to realize what we obsess about is not heathy or right. I am not saying exercise Is wrong but when it consumes your mind over Christ than it is an addiction. Anything that comes before Christ that takes over our thoughts Or we can’t get enough of is an addiction and a stronghold in your mind. This goes with anything, pornography, drugs, sex, lying, (yes white lies) murder etc...

Now, I no longer desire to look a certain way physically, but my desire now is to look more like Christ. I don't mean my physical appearance but in my actions and my character because that is what truly matters. It has freed my mind because now I live for him and not for others or myself.

I pray that those who are reading this who suffer from addiction of any kind will come to know who their savior is. I pray that those whose minds are consumed with other things besides Christ would NOW SEE it for what it is, a sin. I break off the spirit of addiction and you must now go to the feet of Jesus and not return. Father turn their hearts and minds towards you because they have the mind of Christ. All addictions MUST Go in Jesus name! We rip it at the root it cannot stay. You spirit of lust must now go and not return.

He loves you with a passion... he is a forgiving God. He is unlike anyone else. You cannot compare him to anyone. He is not evil, he is real and he set us free from our sin. Run to him...run into his arms... he is willing to take you in as his own. He loves you.. he adores you... He wants to set you free from all those things that hold you down. He wants to take the weights from off your shoulders. Come to him and let him restore you and make you whole again!

His Heart Speaks

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