• Kelley

God of the Possible

Let the Jesus arise within you. Shout to the Lord for his kindness and loving mercy. Pour out, pour out your love unto him. Let him saturate you. Let him Pour out into you and you can overflow. Thank him for his love. Thank him for all he has done. Don’t lay haste to the enemies lies. Come up higher. He will strengthen you to defeat your foes.

Higher and higher deeper and deeper he calls. Higher and higher deeper and deeper he calls you. No more misfortune. No more laying waste. Yes, yes he is the one. He is the one to bring glory. Yes, this is how we fight our battles. Knowing we are strong in him. Knowing we are strong in the one who has defeated the grave. It could not hold him down. No longer shall we be held down. Lift up your voices of praise. Lift up your voices to the one who is the God of the everything. Not the God of the impossible, but the God of the POSSIBLE!!!!

His Heart Speaks

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