• Kelley

Gods Not Finished Yet

I never had much of a marriage because my husband never left his parents to cleave to his wife. His emotions are still raw. Emotionally he is still tied to them. God wants me to continue to hang on and not give up.

My mother in law was a witch. She prayed against my family. She tried to get me out of the way. She did all she possibly could. She destroyed my family and split my immediate family apart because of lies they believed. I am believing for vindication and restoration of God promises. He said he was going to do it and I trust that he is.

Times in my life became very dark and I had no one to trust in. I separated myself from my family and once I did God showed me what truly was going on. Through all that God showed me His love. His love came through and healed me of many wounds. I was able to forgive those that came against us. All that I had gone through brought me closer to Him. My desire to know his love came true for me.

Unfortunately, I lost almost everything including my own children. Praise God the enemy did not win that battle.

Many more were for us than there were against us. Gods heavenly angel army was on my side and continues to be on my side.

His Heart Speaks

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