• Kelley


I had seen the new movie Harriet Tubman and thought it was exceptional. There was one part within the movie that really stood out to me. She was to lead her family and others to freedom in the dark. There was one direction she could not go because there would be those trying to capture her and bring her to her demise. But, the Holy Spirit stopped her and showed her she needed to go a different way. The way in which he was leading her was through dark waters. As she continued on into the water, she called upon the Holy Spirit because she needed him to help her get through and to bring her family through.

Even though what you may be walking through is difficult. It is the Holy Spirit who leads us out, keeping our eyes upon him. He doesn’t take his eyes off us and we should not take our eyes off him.

The Holy Spirit was her guide. He was her source and without him she would not have been able to free as many slaves as she did.

To me she was a general of her time. She persevered and never gave up. She had a mission that she needed to fulfill and she fulfilled it. To God be the Glory!

His Heart Speaks

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