• Kelley

He Chooses You

I see a young child and he is sitting outside along a wall. There are other children sitting on either side of him. He has a pebble in his hand, picking one up and placing another down as well as moving it around with his fingers. This boy I sense is disappointed. His head is down. I see other children getting up and going to other places, but he remains with his head looking down.

I sense he feels left out by not being called out amongst the others. I hear the Father saying, but he is my chosen one. He may not be picked now, but he will be, for he is already been picked by me. I have not left him out. The right time is coming, it is almost here.

I remember the days while in school they would pick teams. There would captains for each team. They would chose the players for their team. Some would pick the ones they were friends with and others were picked because they were the best players.

You see in Gods eyes, you are the best player. Though others may not see it, I already do. I am just saving you for last.

The last shall be first and the first shall be last. Matthew 20:16

His Heart Speaks

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