• Kelley

He Is All You Need

We must always look to God for love and acceptance.

Man nor woman cannot give us the love we need like God can. We will never be satisfied without it. He has to come in and fill up all those empty places of our heart.

Man will always disappoint us, but God never will.

As a little girl, I craved love and never received it. My parents gave me the best love they knew how or what they thought love was supposed to look like. I remember as a little I would get on my knees and cry. I was lonely. I had no idea at the time why I got on my knees. I just did. But you see, I went looking for love and I only got hurt. I went through much heartache for that desire to be loved. I poured out my heart to others. But, I needed something greater that only God could have fulfilled. He came into the depths of my heart and filled those empty places especially the desire to be loved by others. I had to learn how to pour out my heart upon him at his feet. My tears, my desires, everything until HE became all that I needed.

His Heart Speaks

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