• Kelley

His Love My Life Line

As a little girl, growing up my mom was a christian. There was something about my mom that I knew she had Jesus in her heart. I stayed close to my mom because of it. But, there was something within me that never received the Love I needed. It was that I craved it. I just did not know how to get it. My parents did not show me that love I needed. I searched for God but couldn’t seem to find him. So I got pulled into looking for love in all the wrong places.

Later, after having my first son I sought after him. I sought after that love that I needed desperately. No one seemed to love me the way I needed it. To be honest I was love deprived. I didn’t know that the love he was going to pour out within me was going to be my life line.

His love is irrevocable! It’s consistent. It’s confirming. It’s secure. It’s safe! It’s real! It’s tangible! It’s quality! It’s forever! It’s awesome! It pierces the hardest of hearts. It’s loyal! It’s free! It’s available! It never goes away!

Oh what love there is to be found... I’ve searched and searched for it and it is real... genuine and true.

His Heart Speaks

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