How To Love The Ones Who Hurt You The Most

It’s not easy to love the ones who hurt us or even betrayed us.

I have been hurt by family and God took them out of my life. However the one who betrayed me I had to be around until God said enough. He used this person to teach me how to love the unlovable and to show someone else their true heart and motives.

I learned to love them because I realized that they were hurting themselves. I showed them love but not from what I could give them. It was from learning how to run to my Heavenly Father. He poured out onto me and he poured his love on me.

I remember running to the Lord everyday and asking him to help me. It hurt. It broke me.

I never received an apology. They never admitted they were wrong. They were wounded themselves. God just wanted me to show them love in spite of it all.

Nothing changed in that relationship, expect me. I learned how to love with Gods kind of love, not my own. Love is never easy. It’s denying yourself and being obedient to what God calls us to do.

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