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Kids Stories

Do you know the TV show called “Kids Say the Darnedest Things”? Well, that was my life. But, in this case it became a reality more and more each day. The things that my kids would say, brought my faith to a higher level. When people say children are a blessing, they most defiantly are. They want to be listened to and be heard. Most of all, they want to be loved.

As I child, I wanted the same. So, how could I not pour into my kids what I wanted when I was little. That is my time, affections, a listening ear, discipline and mostly love.

Imagine your child coming into your room and telling you there are angels in his room. Not just that, but he said they would play with my him. They would play LEGO’s right along side him or kick the soccer ball around. Or how about walking into his room and he tells me mom there is an angel standing right behind you. Now, you have to understand I always believed in the supernatural but I was just starting out again walking with the Lord. I was excited and all at the same time a bit unsure if they were really seeing angels. I had to believe them because the details were most amazing.

There are so many stories I would like to share. Both of my children have many. So keep listening....

His Heart Speaks

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