Let’s Make Some Lemonade

Sometimes life can give you lemons. Did you ever hear the phrase , “life gives you lemons, so make lemonade?” I am Not sure why this phrase came to me this morning, but I felt led to write something on it.

You may not realize this, but there is an enemy, they call him the devil and he is looking to destroy your life. In fact, there is a scripture that says he comes to steal kill and destroy. He is out to destroy you. He wants to make a mess of your life.

Let me get back to the lemonade part. You can make lemonade. You can make something that tastes sour into something delicious. Look there are some of you who are feeling depressed, hopeless, and even discouraged.

Jesus came to set you free from this. Maybe you are already walking with the Lord and maybe you are not. Either way, He came to set you free. When you give your life to Christ, he gives you authority to have power over the devil. Yup! He does! Most of the time it is just in our mind and we have to take authority over the thought patterns in our mind.

So today, I am going to pray for you. Even as you begin to read this the Lord is already working. He is lifting you up at this very moment. I thank you Lord that you are already at work. I thank for the person who is reading this. Lord I pray for them today that whatever they are facing that is causing depression, hopeless and disappointment, IT GOES NOW. The thoughts and lies go now in Jesus name!

So we just made some lemonade! : )

Prayer does work. Be lifted this day! God loves you so much and everything you go through he is with you. Just reach out to him.

If you need prayer, send me a message.

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