• Kelley


Many are without loves.❤️❤️

I am hearing an old song from a musical from Fiddler on the Roof.🎶

It goes like this... matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match... find me a find...catch me a catch

I hear the Father saying, I AM your first love. I AM your perfect match. I come to bring you love. Let me love you. Let me pour out my heart into you. Let me mold you and shape you into my perfect love. I cherish you and I adore you. Remember there is not one like me.

As I am writing this I see the Father and he is handing off what looks like to be a box. I hear him say this is my treasure and it’s just for you. What I treasure you will also treasure. What I love you will also love. Hold unto it tightly.

His Heart Speaks

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