• Kelley


🌸My mother’s, my beautiful mother’s. I have seen those nights you felt estranged and alone. At times no one to comfort you. Yet, you were never alone I was there holding you. I was the one gazing in your eyes and admiring your beauty.

I seen the tears come down your eyes. Your gaze was fixed upon something else at times. But, I was still there looking straight at you.

I have seen the sacrifices and the ways you love your children. They have not gone unnoticed.

My mother’s, my mother’s I look to you. I look to you to fill the gaps within your family. The love you have poured out unto others. You truly are what makes a home a home.

You stand out to me because of your perseverance and love that you have for your children.

Keep on loving, keep on pursuing. Never give up on the ones you call your own. They too, will soon be coming home. 🌸

With all my love ~❤️

Happy Mother’s Day!


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