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My Dad

My dad had one of the coolest jobs on the earth. I was proud of my dad. He was a police officer and he pulled up in ranks over the years. He was well known and very liked by those who worked with him.

My dad would take my brother and I to many functions. He spent time with us by going to different places. He would take us out to many sports functions. Be it hockey, football and basketball games. We always had fun. Hockey was one of my favorites! Since, my dad was a police officer he also was in many parades. He would take me to all of them.  I rode in the police car with him. I felt so special, because my daddy wanted to take me and in his car too.

I also had a fear of my dad because of who he was. I did not want to get in trouble nor do anything that I would regret that would bring shame to him. Many of us feel this way. Many of us do not want to do anything to upset our parents. We want to please them. Like I said, I did not want to bring shame.

My dad was great in terms of him taking me to many places. One thing, I did not have with my dad was communication. I did not know how to talk with him. I was intimidated by my father. I felt that other things were much more important than speaking with me. He always seemed distracted and that I couldn’t talk to him.

I did not have a father that would tell me he loved me or that I was a special. I did not have much of a protector even though he was a police officer. I loved my dad and he could only do what he knew to do. He also showed love different than what I needed.

The lack of communication, the need of love and protection was missing from my life. Why was this? My parents only knew what was taught and learned from their parents. They knew what they saw their parents doing. They loved me the best way they knew how. They too, have/had wounds of their own as well from their own family.

I went through much in my life. I did not have parents I could run to when I was hurting. At times, I felt alone and afraid. I made many bad choices and had many regrets. Maybe you yourself had similar experiences. However, I have a Dad(Jesus) who listens to me and talks with me. He listens to me and heals my wounds. He is always willing to speak with me. He is always willing to teach me and guide me with his wisdom and understanding. He is always there to wrap his arms around me. He is my protector and my comforter.

As as parent today, I choose to make different choices. I chose to learn about what real love is about. I chose to keep the doors of communication open to my children. I learned what their interests were, giftings are and I  work with them. Yes, of course I make mistakes. I am not perfect. I want to give them what I did not have. The only way is through Christ and what his word says.

We have choices to make. We can follow the same patterns as were taught us, or we can change it to what we want for our own children and for ourselves. Change is possible. All things are possible through Christ. He is willing to help you. He is willing to heal you.

I truly am, my Heavenly Fathers girl!

Prayer –

If this is you pray  – Father come now and heal me of any wounds from my parents and lack of love that they did not display towards me . Father, I forgive them now. They only did what they knew to do and because of their own wounds from their own family. I ask that you would come and fill up every empty place in my heart and bring your healing power to what needs to be healed. I welcome you now Father.  Amen

Father, Surround your child with your love and your comfort. Let them know they can trust you with their heart.  In the name of Jesus, Amen!

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