Need Answers?

As I was sitting and talking with Jesus I said to Him that people need answers and solutions. I began to hear I Am the answer. I am the solution. I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. Young men will see visions and old men will dream dreams. This is my word, my promise. I will speak and they will listen to me.

I then asked Him, how do I pray?

Lord, open their ears that they may hear and their eyes that they may see.

Many are living in the dark. Many are not seeking me. Many are living in the world. (Desiring the things that your flesh wants and not what the spirit needs.) But I have called many out of the world. This message is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who will listen to the words that I speak. I will use many vessels in these hours.

Listen, to this word. Learn to recognize my voice. Learn to recognize when it is me speaking for I did I not say that many will be deceived. My plans and purposes are unfolding right in front of your eyes.

In 1 Samuel chapter 3 God started to speak to Samuel but he did not recognize his voice at first. It took him several times before He answered God. This was right after Eli told him to answer and that it was God who had called his name. I feel God is getting ready to speak to many, especially those who have not heard him speak before. There are those who will desperately need to hear God speak. Don’t close Him off or shut Him down. Listen, for He will speak to you. Expect Him to speak.

I also feel there are many changes that are coming and are going to be made. Some of these changes will not be easy but the Lord will guide you. He will lead your steps. Continue to seek Him and stay near.

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