Need To Feel Loved

Let your heart be open to let Him in. He wants to abide and dwell within you.

If you question who God is or ask if He is even real, He is. He just wants you to come to know who He really is. He wants to show you his goodness and his love. Are you desiring love? We all desire love and to be loved. The greatest love that you will ever know or come in contact with is His love. He loves you with all your flaws. He never condemns.

He will prove himself to you time and time again.

I pray that you would allow your heart to be open to receive His love.

I needed His love desperately in my life.

There was a few words that were told to me over and over again and then there was a song written with those exact words....

Oh how He loves us.

He loves you.

You need to hear this today. Someone feels like they are drowning because they are desperate for love. The loneliness you feel seems to consume you. It’s okay because I hear the Lord say I am here for you. He is there. He is there.

I declare over you that there will be a oneness with Him, A completeness. You will know it and you will feel it. He is yours and you are His.

Like a mighty rushing wind Lord... let it take place.

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