• Kelley

Not yours to Carry

A see woman walking with grocery bags in each one of her hands. As she is walking, someone is coming up behind her to help carry these bags.

I hear the Father saying, I am going to carry YOUR load! I did not intend for you to take all this weight upon you. It is mine to bear. I have filled these bags with my special gifts for you. But, the weight is not just for you to bear. You will learn how to carry them but not with the weight all upon you. Let loose and let me carry them. You just continue to walk.

Lean upon me my beloved. I won't let you down. I will take you from here to there, just trust me. In an instant all things will change and for the better.

Do you feel the weight lift off? Do you feel the freedom to walk lighter? It is me, be at rest and at peace, knowing I am carrying it for you.

His Heart Speaks

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