• Kelley

One Thing After Another

I remember those times when bad things kept happening. They were happening one right after another. It seemed as though it wouldn’t stop. If it was my son, my family, my spouse. I remember saying if anything else could go wrong, I don’t think I could make it.

While carrying my youngest, it was said I could lose him. BUT GOD kept him. After giving birth, he was always getting sick. He would have the strangest things happen to him. One, they had to put in the health record books because it was a “new” thing.

While at the doctors they noticed something on his stomach, which they believed at the time it was cancer. Later, we found that it wasn’t! BUT GOD!

During this time, I was newly walking with the Lord. I had faith to trust in God. That’s probably all I new was to trust in him. There wasn’t many other who I could trust. But, I had to trust in something.

All these things that kept happening was bringing me to a place of fear and anxiety.

Sometimes our fear can make things seem worse than what they really are. That’s what the enemy likes to do. He likes to bring us into a place of fear. Than we start to believe all that is going on around us. Our minds start to dwell on the negative.

Negativity breeds more negativity.

The enemy likes to use the negativity/circumstances in our lives to bring us down. He likes to keep us down so that we become weak. I didn’t know this at the time. The enemy/devil threw everything he could at me during those times. To keep me low. To keep me in a state of panic, worry and fear.

God intends for us to rise above our circumstances. To stay in complete trust and faith in Him.

You see, the enemy wants the worst for us. To be afraid, worrisome, anxious, alone and angry. God, wants the opposite. Yes, our circumstances sometimes say something different, but believe me when I say, God intends for the good not for the evil.

I believe I was able to trust God because I saw that he kept me from harm during other times in my life. Times, where I should not have made it. The only reason I know, there was that one person in my life that told me about Jesus.

Posted on March 17, 2019

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