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Peek Your Interest

Updated: Apr 16

Peek your interest for a bit....

Maybe you don’t know who Jesus is. Maybe you heard of him, but just didn’t care to get to know of him or about him. You know, I was thinking with all this virus going on, Could it be possibly that God in heaven wants to talk to you. Maybe just maybe he wants you to get to know him. He already knows about you. Imagine someone who has known you for your whole life, they know everything about you, but you don’t know about them. He even knows all the hairs that are on our head. I just notice the hair I lose in the bathroom shower. He knows when we even lose one. That’s pretty neat. So if he knows those things, don’t you think he cares about you so much more. He does.

Just a thought for you to think about. This virus is a time to ponder some things. Maybe were am I going from here. What are the plans for my life once this all ends. There has to be something better. There is truthfully!


His Heart Speaks

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