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Positive Family Conversations

While my family and I were gathered around the table for dinner the other night, God put something within my heart to do as an exercise. We do this occasionally at dinner together. Now some reading this may have not grown up with this in your own household. I know for me I didn't and neither did my husband. In fact, what we heard at times was harsh words or no words spoken at all. I want to teach my boys about encouragement and looking to pulling the gold out within each other. So, I asked them to ask God to show them what words of encouragement can they give to each other or what do you see as their strengths. As we were sitting around the table here are some of the words that were spoken amongst ourselves: Persevering, you have overcome much, loving, knows when to give comfort at the right time, gives great hugs, kind, hardworking, athletic, and makes you laugh.

I then asked them when they gave these words to each other how did it make them feel. Their response was good and happy. : )

To grow up without hearing encouraging words and to have support from family makes it difficult to do it towards others. But, with the Lords help we can teach others about encouragement and also our loved ones.

Since we live in a cruel, busy society, its nice to hear something positive when there can be much negativity around us. This is one way to change your generational line.

Look for the gold and pull it out!!

Strengthen one another by encouraging one another!

His Heart Speaks

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