Prayer and Encouragement

God is good. Maybe you cannot see that in your life. Maybe you look at God as someone who gets angry. You have yet to experience his love. Yes, God is a God of judgement but he also is a God of love. No parent wants to discipline a child. I know for me it hurts to discipline them because I would rather bless them. All of us need discipline. We all need correction. But there are those of you who need to experience the love of God.

Many of you have lost hope or don’t care much about life anymore, but God does. He cares. He cares about you and loves you so much. Maybe you wonder why the same patterns keep repeating in your life as if you cannot break free.

God wants to set you free and by the power of His mighty name He will do it for you.

God says call to me.

Call to Him.

Call to Him and He will answer you. That place that you are in... that place that you cannot get out of. He is bringing you out. In fact he is leading you out. You felt the nudges, you felt it. You know you cannot stay there. You have felt that wanting to let go or get out. Well, right now he is doing it. He is breaking you free. Declare you freedom . Declare it!

Whom the son sets free is free indeed. You may even begin to feel some fire as your read this word. That is because God answers by fire. Allow him to penetrate through those broken areas. He is restoring, He is restoring right now. Yes, right now.

This too is His love for you.

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