• Kelley

Prophetic Word

Last night while worshipping with my son the Lord showed me a vision. At first, I let it go, but he is showing it to me again this morning.

I see a man he is standing outside his pick up truck. He walks to the back of his truck and closes the hatch.

I asked the Lord what is this about and I sense that this man is not looking forward to going home. It is as if he has last hope. He looks at his family and feels it is too hard. I feel this mans heart is heavy and I began to weep.

I hear the Father saying, pursue your family. Don’t give up on them. They need you. They need you in their lives. You are to hold your family together and with Gods help he will help you. Just pursue them. Put yourself aside and be that dad you never had. He will help you.

I have put determination within you.

You are the answer to their prayers.

His Heart Speaks

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