• Kelley

Prophetic Word

The Lord God shall not be mocked! I have come to take away the sins of the world. I did not come to add to it.

All spirits of lust and perversion must go! They will be thrown into the lake of fire! It has destroyed much in this nation and this world and NOW I am putting an end to it! I say no more! All will be found out and made clear, once again, by my own hands.

I will destroy the works of the enemy and it will no longer prevail.

I am equipping the saints for much greater works in me. I will have my way in them and through them. They will work wonders in my sight on a grander scale. They will continuously be purified by my fire. I will make them clean as they continually come to me.

This can not be done by their own hands. It is I who will work and will work until completion.

His Heart Speaks

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