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  • Kelley

Prophetic Word

A word-

I am taking my land. I am taking it all back. I am doing a purging, a separation. Those who are for me and those who are against me. Those who want to live for me and those for themselves.

I have cried out and extended my hand. There are those who refuse to listen.

There will be repercussions in the land. There will be many,but know this, my love will overwhelm it all.

Stay close to me, stay close to my heart. This is where all will be changed. Abide in me and I will abide in you. You will be like a well watered garden.

Many time I have called but still no answer. I have given them time to repent but they refuse to listen.

False prophecies, false promotions, false teachings all coming down. They are coming down and will face my judgements. It will no longer carry on. For I the Lord have spoken.

Very few will listen, heed my warning.

Heart Two Heart

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