• Kelley

Prophetic Word

There is more of me to go around. In the stillness and in the rest there you shall find me. I shall fill you to capacity. Just look around.

There are so many things upon this earth that I have not created with my hands but I have given the ideas for these things to be created. I have put creative inventions and ideas into each one of your minds. Now you must seek me out to find them. They are creative inventions.

Those things will build my kingdom. For my kingdom is coming upon this earth. It will invade the earth like never before. All these signs and all these wonders are before us. Never have you seen what I’m about to do. It’s my GRAND plan.

You shall overcome all that is before you. Trust me in the process and stay obedient to my word. You shall lack nothing and great shall be the peace of my children.

His Heart Speaks

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