• Kelley

Prophetic Word

Hearing the words- Higher Dimensions of my Glory.

As I continue to worship him singing the words holy, holy, holy...

I am hearing the Father say, come, come to me so I can fill you with more of me. Just as you are thirsty for me, I am desiring you to come and press in deeper for further things of me.

I am taking you to where NO MAN can take you.

My kingdom has come. My kingdom is here. It will be set in full motion. Can you hear the applause in the heavenlies?

I am an all consuming fire. I am setting you free.

Quick release.

No more fear! For MY kingdom is here. I am moving you forward.

As I am hearing these words, I see Jesus coming to take his seat next to the 24 elders.

His Heart Speaks

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