• Kelley

Prophetic Word

I am hearing the Father say this morning that you don't always understand why things happen to you or the way that they do. Some things are hidden from your sight. If you never knew the reasons, would you still love me?

Will you draw closer to me and let those things that are hidden in the darkness be brought into the light. You run around aimlessly to and fro searching for answers you do not know. This will only wear you down. Not everything you will know. You will know only what I require you to know.

I want to test your faith. Will you trust me or will you run away?

My hope is that you will draw closer to me. The times are changing and the enemy would love to bring you into a place of fear. My PERFECT LOVE drives out all fear. Some of you don't even know you are living in fear because you don't know what love truly is.

Allow me to overwhelm you with my love. I promise there is nothing to be afraid of. Release your worries, doubts, fears, and concerns to me. It will be better than you can imagine.

The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine. Isaiah 9:2

His Heart Speaks

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