• Kelley

Prophetic Word

There is those who feel like they are in quicksand. They feel there is no way out, no way of escape. I see them and they are deeply stuck in. BUT... I see the Heavenly Father looking straight into your eyes and you in his. He reaches out his hand to pull you out. I hear Him say, No longer will you remain stuck. I am providing a way of escape. Hold on to me and let me pull you out.

Many years of ferocious battles all coming to a close. I am putting an end to this. It's gone on far too long. I am setting you free from the pain of abusive words and the tearing of your heart. I see this heart and its been ripped to shreds. He is mending it now and putting it together.

You shall walk straight and on that narrow path and I shall bring you through to the end!

His Heart Speaks

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