• Kelley

Prophetic Word- Feb. 17th 2019

From the Fathers Heart

It’s HIS love! It’s HIS love, seek after HIS love! Seek after HIS love so that he can be found. Don’t think in your natural mind. It’s HIS love that he wants you to find. Don’t seek after giftings, seek after HIM. Seek after HIS love. In HIS love there is fullness of joy. He wants to fill you up to overflowing. When we are filled up with HIS love than we can truly love the unlovable. We can look at them the same way we look at ourselves, sinners! We are all sinners! We all have flaws we all need Jesus. His love his pure, HIS love is holy. Don’t say you have his love if you still walk in unforgiveness. No one is better than the next. HIS love will change a nation around. Go find him! Go find him, while he can be found!

His Heart Speaks

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