• Kelley

Prophetic Word - Love Day

From the Fathers Heart

I am riding on the clouds and my presence is with you wherever you go. I lead you gently upon the quiet waters. That is where you will find my rest. Don’t hesitate for once, know that I am with you. I am taking you higher and higher into my kingdom . I have not abandoned you. No, I never will. My glory will be revealed in your life. Step back and take a look around. What do you see? (Here I am gathered with my two boys and my mother, waiting upon the Lord in the quiet. At this time I opened my eyes. I answered him saying…us gathered together) Yes, in my name. There I am in the midst of you. The clouds of darkness that is all around you cannot stand in my presence. You were made in my image, in my likeliness. As the clouds dissipate you will see me more clearly. I am a sure thing. I am your strong foundation. Lean into me. A holy matrimony, Where two become one flesh. Don’t take your eyes off the prize. I am that prize. I am the one who called you by name and you are mine. It will be a love so divine!

As we look up, there on the ceiling of my kitchen, we see a heart

Happy Valentines Day! May Gods love draw us deeper in his presence where two become one flesh!

His Heart Speaks

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