• Kelley

Real, Genuine Love

I hear the Father saying, I am coming and it will not be like it was. I will cause those who follow me to know me in a greater way.

More of a capacity to love. To love like you have never loved before. I will cause you To love the unlovable.

This can only happen with clean hands and a pure heart.

Do not be deceived, for I will not be mocked!

I am causing others to see me for who I AM!

I also sense that the Father is saying that there are those who appear or even feel they are walking in love, but they have yet to know MY love!

Crying out to him and asking him to know the depths of his love will bring you into his love.

It’s a crying out from the pit of your stomach. It’s a painful cry. It’s his heart for others who need to know that real, genuine love.

His Heart Speaks

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