• Kelley

Restoration Prayer

My focus is not on the carona virus. Yes, I am praying. To be honest I don’t even like talking about it. My focus is turning to Jesus of course and my family. I love the walks and talks and worship. I enjoy it. I enjoy throwing borritos late a night with my kids( not real ones, lol, it’s a game) . I enjoy doing puzzles. I missed out on this time as a kid with my parents. So God showed me differently. He showed me how to spend time with them and cultivate that relationship. When we get to know someone we get to know their heart. Their likes and their dislikes. It’s fun to be a family. I pray that your time together with those around you that your relationships grow.

I declare restoration of lost time. Restoration of relationships. I declare turnarounds in families. I pray that openings would come for you to sit together and talk about life with your children and their concerns. I pray an opening for fellowship and worship and meditating on Gods word. My family and I have been doing communion everyday since we have been locked in. I can say this, it’s brought us closer. I pray the same for you.

For me it’s a time of rejoicing! Things will be different in many ways. Let’s be grateful! Look and see what God is doing!

His Heart Speaks

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