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Role Reversal

I went on another walk this morning. This time a friend had come along with me. Her heart was heavy and breaking. She is in need of a change in her marriage. She wants everything to work out but at the same time she is living in fear and afraid to open up and express her feelings to her husband.

She knows about God but does not have that personal relationship with him. As we are walking I am listening to her and the Lord at the same time. I sense an excitement for her because the outcome is not going to be like she thinks. She is carrying burdens that are not hers to carry.

In order to see change we have to make change. We have to take that first step. Our fears can keep us from so much. In this case she is afraid to open up and worried about the consequences. But God! He wants her to do this one very thing and as she does this one thing it is going to open the door. It will bring healing to her as well.

The Lord wants to remove the fear from her so that she does not carry the weight and the burden that is not intended for her to carry.

As we are walking there was a beautiful monarch butterfly that passes right in front of us. She stops speaking and says "did you see that butterfly"? Then she says to me.... "does that mean something? " It most certainly does!! It means freedom and new life. God is coming to bring freedom and new life.

So while in prayer, I am hearing the words role reversal. Some of us have taken on things that we were not meant to take on. Some because there was no other choice and others because of fear.

Lets not be afraid to step out. Lets not be afraid to speak up. God wants to bring us to a place of freedom. He wants to reverse roles in marriages. He wants to bring unity instead of separation. He wants to bring joy instead of sorrow. He wants to give life.

His Heart Speaks

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