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My passion was to run. To run fast and long. I would be running in the heat and or snow. I did not care, all I wanted to do was run. It was my passion. To be fit and in shape.

After giving birth to my first son, I decided to run a marathon. So I signed up. This one was to take place in San Francisco. I couldn’t wait. We had to raise money for this and we raised it quite quickly.

I met someone who also signed up and we became running partners. We trained together. I remember on our runs she would play country music and at times she would play some old Christian songs. Which always stuck out to me and brought me back to my roots.

It was race day and we decided to stick together through this marathon. We would not separate. I had such motivation and perseverance to continue on. At times, I felt light as a feather. I was moving perfectly fine through the streets of San Francisco. I knew I probably could leave my partner behind, but we had made a promise to continue on.

Towards the end of the race, my body started to give out. I felt like I couldn’t make it anymore. I asked my partner if she could play one of those “Christian songs.” She played it and we sang it together.

I was able to finish out that race that day. Thanks to that Christian song “amazing grace”.

You may be thinking why is she writing about this. Well, that day of that race, my first marathon, that moment in time when I thought I could not go on, I did! All because of that “Christian song”.

God was calling me back to him. Back to my roots. Soon after that race, I went back to church. I wanted to seek out the Lord again, BUT this time I was learning who he was.

My desires changed, my passions changed and I changed. I was wanting to know Gods purpose in life. Those moments when I thought I could do things on my own. I was proven I couldn’t. I needed His help. I was so sure of myself, my own strength that God had to bring me lower.

It’s been a journey and I have much to share. This was just the beginning. The beginning of my life changing for the better. I went through much hardship, pain and loss. I lost who I thought I was, but found who I really am.

His Heart Speaks

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