September 11, 2001

911 - Everyone I spoke to knew someone that knew someone that died that day. I remember sitting at my desk on September 11, 2001 and my co-worker said to me that someone had just flown a plane into the twin tower. I couldn’t believe it. I ran upstairs into the administrators office and what I saw was exactly what was told to me that morning. The Tower was up in flames, burning.

The company I worked for let everyone leave early that day. There seemed to be such a hush in the atmosphere, a silence, very eerie in fact. I drove down Route 17 on that horrendous NJ morning. It was quite beautiful outside. There were not too many clouds in the sky. However, the smoke rose from across the Hudson River. No one knew really was taking place or what would happen next.

I walked into my apartment and turned on the news and on the screen was almost unbearable to watch. The scenes on my television set looked to be something from a horror movie. It was all to surreal. Then the buildings went down. What! What was happening? I remembering questioning about all the people in those towers. Where did they go? Are they even alive? I was hoping that they all got out. I made phone calls to my family hoping that no one was in New York. Everyone was trying to get out of the city. It was a mass exodus even off the George Washington Bridge.

The news crews were filming all night long. I watched the planes go into the towers hundreds of times. It replayed over and over again. The next morning I woke up to that same hush...stillness, A time of mourning. All over there were people lighting candles and gathering together in the evenings. Businesses shut down to mourn that dreadful day and for days to come.

My prayers are with those who are still suffering. God knows.

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