Start Praising

God is good. Don’t forget to thank Him for what you already do have. He wants our worship, praise and adoration.

The Lord wants to move upon your life, but the weights and the cares of this world bring you down. When you offer a sacrifice of praise He will lift you up. He will lift you above all that you are going through because you are focusing on Him and not on the problems. Your suffering is not in vain. There is a purpose and God will work it all out for your good. Continue to praise Him. Praise His name.

Many times I have had to take that time to find His rest and His peace. I would quiet myself in my room away from others. Once I did this and began to worship Him and speak His word out loud He then began to break through for me. God wants to breakthrough for you. Praise Him. Give God the highest Praise.

I wanted to encourage someone tonight that I was dealing with something recently and that is exactly what I did. I laid down and found his peace and he began to take away that very thing that was causing me pain. Praise God! He WILL DO the same for you.

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