• Kelley

The Book

She turns around only to look to see what was placed on the end table in her living room. She was wearing a pinkish white dress. She sees this book laying there, and its not a book she had ever seen before. She leans down and picks it up, only in amazement to find words written inside. She sits down on her chair and extends her feet up. She reads a passage and her face lights up.

The book that she is holding in her right hand, she says, “how powerful this is”. She wonders if it is for her. She thought, “How could this be? I did not put this here, but who did.” She gazed back at the book to take another look.

She hears this voice so clearly speak, “This was written just for you. Take courage my child for there are many like you. Ones who have not looked like others thought they should.” She started to cry, starting to understand and continues to read some more. “You will be misunderstood and rejected by some, but you will rise up and take flight for you were created just right. In my image, my child, its me!”

His Heart Speaks

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