• Kelley

The Closer You Get

I see this image of a man on a small boat. There is a man on this boat and he is in the middle of the water. As he looks out he sees this mountain out towards the side in the distance. The water is quite calm, but moving back and forth from the motion of his boat.

`I hear the Father saying, I have equipped you for so much greater. Like this mountain you see here.

This mountain is quite a distance away. So it looks small, but as you draw closer, it gets bigger and bigger.

`This is how I see you. You are not small in my eyes. Even though the enemy would like you to believe it.

A scripture comes to mind; Through me you can leap over a wall and run through a troop.

`You my son, you my daughter are big in my eyes. You shall see. Continue on in following after me.

As you draw closer to the Lord the more he strengthens you. The more you come to know who you are in him. Like this man, as far away as he was he saw a small mountain in front of him but as he got closer the mountain becomes bigger. The closer we get to him the more we see who we are in Christ. We come to know that he is greater within us.

His Heart Speaks

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