• Kelley

The Pathway -Prophetic Word

Spiritual Entrapment

A word and a vision

There is one voice you answer too.

There is one whom you are obedient too.

There is one way in which you are to follow.

All others are not of me.

My voice, you follow.

My ways, you follow.

My love, you follow.

I will keep you on that straight and narrow.

~the Lover of you soul

While in worship I heard this word and at the same time my son received a vision.

Here is what it is…

There was a crowd they were following a path. This path went into three different directions. One to the left, one to the right and one straight ahead. There were signs and each sign was different for each person. (Temptations to go another way, voices not of God) The center sign was the same for everyone. GOD!

His Heart Speaks

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