Three Words

Everything you are going through... God is with you. You are never ever alone.

Lord comfort the broken hearted. Lord reveal yourself to them. Let them know you for you. You , my Father of love, pour put your love on the ones who need it today.

Your hearts cry is for all men to know you from the least to the greatest.


He never leaves us in the same place. When we enter into His presence we come out different. There is a change. There is an exchange.

God comes to

Give us light burdens.

Let the weak say they are strong.

Meet him in that place.

That secret place.


God is a chain breaker. He is a miracle Worker.

There are things that many of you are waiting upon.

I declare where there is lack it will

be supplied. Gods word says that he will supply all of our needs according to his riches and glory through Christ Jesus.

You are not without. All your needs are met.

Unfulfilled promises. That is what I am hearing those unfulfilled promises are coming true. You have waited a long time and now enough is enough.

The enemy must take his hands off what is yours.

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