Three Words of Encouragement

God sees and He knows. Oh yes, He knows. You won’t be in this place much longer. God is bringing you out.

Call out to him so he can set you free.

Be free in Jesus name!

God wants to surprise you. He wants to surprise you with his amazing love that He has for you.

With outstretched hands he is reaching towards you.

Maybe your life has been difficult filled with many challenges and heartache. At times you questioned why these things were happening to you. You could not even wrap your head around it. You may have even gotten frieghtened by the things you saw.

But you see….there is something bigger.

There is a BIG God that wants to turn things around for you because he loves you to much for you to be going through what you are going through. When I tell you that He loves you He truly loves you.

My prayer for you is that you would turn your heart, gaze, and eyes towards him. He is your provider and your way of escape.

Don’t run anymore.

He wants to be found and by you!

Lord, show them you!!

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