Three Words of Encouragement

For someone you lost your joy.

Don’t worry you will get it back.

The joy of the Lord is your strength.

I am hearing, don’t try to lean on what you understand, lean upon me. I am perfecting that which concerns you.

Yes, everything about you.


For someone God is concerned about everything that concerns you. He will never abandon you. He is with you always.

Your circumstances may be difficult, but I promise God will not leave you in that place. He will bring healing and joy. A long lasting joy.

The enemy will not be able to rob from you. He will not be able to rob you of your peace nor your rest.

Lord surround those that need you desperately. Those that need you to move in situations that seem surmountable.

God is able! He loves you and will

Not leave you in this place.

I prophesy over you that your mourning will turn to dancing!


While in prayer for some today.. I hear the Lord saying you were made for so much more.

For someone, You don’t see yourself the way God sees you. He sees someone great! I hear the Lord say begin to see you the way that I see you.

For another you are armed and ready for battle. You have what you need to take that giant down.

For another in the stillness and the quiet he will speak to you. You will hear him . It will be so pronounced that you will not miss it.

See yourself as one who hears from God.

For another it is not by might, not by power but by His spirit.

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