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To Forgive Sets You Free

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:21

While with the Lord this morning, I hear ”Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

There may have been Some people in your lives who have so to speak “done you wrong”. They may have betrayed you or even defamed your name. It hurt... it probably even made you angry. Maybe even to the point of retaliating, even just letting it go, or sweeping things under the rug.

Right now the Lord is saying to let those that have hurt you, let them go, forgive them. Forgive those that hurt you. It’s a choice. You see, the pain of the hurt, the sting, it goes deep. You may not even know that it is there, because you buried it within. Sometimes if you recall something from the past or even something reminds you of that person or incident, it can cause you to get angry or defensive. This is because you have not forgiven them. To forgive doens’t mean you need to allow them back in your life. It just means, that it frees you. Jesus forgive those who put him on the cross. But you see, it freed him. He rose again from the grave because he forgave. Imagine if he did not forgive. He was made without sin and even went to hell so that we would not have too. Because he forgave he was freed. That is what he asks of us. He wants you free, because he already died for those things that hurt you. He died for the pain you have experienced.

I was hurt by many, but I had forgive them. It was painful to forgive especially because of what was done to me. I had to get on my knees and cry out because the pain was so deep. In fact, I had to forgive so that someone else could see the truth in a matter and they too can be freed. For a few years, I had to be around ones that betrayed my family. Those who were actually abusive with their words not only towards me, but my husband. He could not see or should I say want to see. He loved those who were hurting him. Deep inside it was a struggle because I loved my husband. I had to forgive over and over because of the things that they would do even to him. I had to sit amongst my enemies and show love towards them. I was only able to do it because of Christ that was in me. It was His grace and His mercy. Was it easy, no. But, I knew that I couldn’t leave my husband for it, because he needed to know what love was. He needed to experience what real love was from a Godly perspective. Believe me, I did ask the Lord if I should leave him, but he said no. Eventually, a few years later, things were made more clear to him.

What I am saying, there is going to be things in this world that go on that is wrong. How are we going to respond? Are we going to respond with love or with hate. If we respond with the opposite, anger or hate, could it be possible that maybe things could turn around for the better? Hate only brings more hate.

I pray that as you read this message that you will come to understand that forgiveness is not easy and it is a choice. However, this sets you free. It also brings you closer to your Heavenly Father. He wants us so close to him. So close that we can hear his voice and not hinder anything that the Lord plans for our lives. UnForgiveness keeps us from experiencing the real joys in life. He is the only one that can bring true joy, hope, comfort and love and even in a greater measure.

His Heart Speaks

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