To Hear God

You are meant to hear Gods voice for yourself. Jesus wants to speak to you. He has something he wants to tell you. In his word he talks about Speaking with his friends. How cool would that be if you could be a friend of God. Your life is not meaningless, It has purpose. Sometimes we can go on with our days doing the same old thing. That gets boring but there is excitement to be had. Hearing his voice is one of them.

I am reminded of the movie (it’s an old one) Swiss Family Robinson. They were a family that got stranded on an island. They had to learn how to make the best of it and they built a house on it. The house that they built wasn’t any old house it was in the trees. It was exciting. It was an adventure. They had to fight off animals and learn how to hunt. Our life is kinda like that. Well minus fighting off animals I hope. But we have to learn how to liv life. Sometimes our circumstances are not always easy. But there is Jesus who wants to help you through the difficult times. In his word it states that his word is a lamp on to our feet and a light on to our path. He has the right path and journey we wants you to be on for your life. Hearing his voice is key to navigating what he has for you each day.

I pray that you would begin to hear his simple whisper in between the noises all around you. You can begin by saying yes God I want to hear your voice. Take that time with him like you would with a friend. Sit and just talk to him. Tell him about your troubles, worries, fears and woes. You are not meant to go at this alone. He is there.

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