Encouragement For You

You may be tired and weary, but the Lord your God wants to give you rest. He wants to settle the score once and for all within your mind. You know...where you can’t settle your brain from thinking those same thoughts over and over again.

I hear the Father‘s heart saying I want to overwhelm you thoughts with my love. The thoughts that I have are good thoughts. Spending time with me in the secret place. The place where you can be tucked away with me. I yearn to spend time with you. This is where I share my thoughts and ideas with you. Come to me and learn of me. I plan to give you rest for your weary soul. No one said you have to do this alone. I am with you. I am for you. I am beside you. Run to me. Run into my arms. Even now, picture yourself running into my arms. I am there to hold you. I make all things new.

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