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Watch the Children

Should we not raise up a generation who respects authority, elderly, others and themselves? Times have changed! Sometimes we can get wrapped up in our own lives and can't see actually what the enemy is doing in our children's lives.

Since my kids were little the Father had given me eyes to see what the world was offering my children. Even though kids around the were partaking in the fleshy desires I had to refrain my children from them. I was concerned what their spirit was taking in. I knew certain cartoons, toys, games and books they had to refrain from. Was it difficult, yes! Did they fit in? Not always! Were they accepted? Again no! I had to answer to God first and not man.

God is after this generation who will be on fire for the Lord! This generation will not fear man, but will fear the Lord! They will walk in signs and wonders.

Maybe some of these kids in schools now may not have behavior issues like some say. Maybe they just don't fit into the mold that the school system wants to project. Maybe just maybe your child is marked for greatness and the enemy is trying to stop it. Children can sense if they are liked or not. Maybe your child who has difficulty with a teacher isn't your child causing the problem. Maybe the teacher is carrying something and your child is picking up on it. This could be because your child is sensitive in the spirit. Too many are quick to label children with add/adhd. It could just be the gifting that the Father has given them.

If we are allowing things in our school systems, our children will eventually be affected. For example, books such as Harry Potter teaches children how to casts spells which is witchcraft and the occult. Now, the door has been opened to the demonic and the enemy can have his way. Unless we pray!

I was given 1 Kings 3 this morning. It was about two women and King Solomon. King Solomon was a very wise king. The one woman had a dead baby and switched her baby with the woman who was with the sleeping baby. The king decided he would cut the baby in half so that each woman could have part of the baby. The real mom stood up and said that the other woman could have the baby. Then the king knew who the real mom was because no mom would want her child to die.

Moms, how much do you love your children and would do whatever you could to keep them out of harms way? Even if it caused your children or yourself to not fit it. If the school systems are teaching your children to call on others Gods (yoga for example) or read books on how to cast spells (which is witchcraft) would you consider that putting your child in harms way? I do! The list can go on and its getting bigger!

His Heart Speaks

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