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We Had Visitors

My family and I recently went on a little trip to the beach. We enjoy sitting on the beach and spending time together as a family.

This trip was a bit different. As we were sitting outside one evening we saw the sun go down. It was a beautiful sight. We were near the bay and near the ocean so we were surrounded by water. That evening while sitting on top of the deck the stars were out. I also so flashes of light from the corner of my eyes. I had asked everyone else if they were seeing flashes in the sky and they had said no. It reminded me of my childhood and I would see flashes of light going throughout the rooms. This was the same but this time I was outside.

During the week I saw a feather and I started to tease my dog with it. She eventually ate it! : )

Than I noticed more feathers started to show up. I would see them throughout the house. I did not think anything of it but then I realized that we had visitors.

Each morning I would get up and sit on beach and worship the Lord and wait to hear his voice. The sun would come up and the light that would shine from off the ocean and it was a beautiful sight.

He was calling me each morning to spend time with him and because of that obedience he was manifesting himself to me. He allowed me to see that He

was all around me.

The obedience to God and making time for Him will cause the supernatural to happen. Its not in our own efforts but by His doing. He opens our ears and our eyes to see in the spirit as we yield to Him and only Him.

His Heart Speaks

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