• Kelley

When All Hell Breaks Loose

I felt like the walls were caving in all around me many years ago. I had no one to turn to or trust. I could trust no one. Not even my own husband or family. It was one of the most frightening days of my life. My own family had turned against me. I did not see it coming. I had no idea something of this nature would strike me down or try to take me and my family out. This was before I knew about spiritual warfare and what was coming against us was big.

It is true when they say the ones closest to you will hurt you the most. I remember that day so vividly. God did say that even the members of your own household/family will come against you. It was true for me. This whole incident changed our lives forever. Everything within our lives got turned upside down. While going through it the Lord had used my children in a mighty way. He used them to shut the mouths of the lions who were coming against us. It is true what God says, what the devil meant for evil God will turn too good.

God had given me a warning the night before in a dream. I did not fully understand the dream at the time, but He showed me exactly who had come against my family. What hurt the most it was the ones you trust, confide in, love to be around, and spend the most of your time with.

The only one whom I could trust was the Lord. I clung to Him so tightly because I did not understand this. I did not understand why this was happening and why someone would want to do this. The reason is because they have hurt themselves. They deal with rejection, pain, loss, anger, hopelessness, despair, fear, etc. Most importantly, they need to know love.

It was a time that we needed to heal and learn forgiveness through it all. We did forgive and we allowed them back in and we saw there was no real change. In fact things just got worse. So we had to separate ourselves from them. Was that painful? Yes, but we couldn't continue on in the pain that it was causing our family. There are times when the Father takes us away from others because they will only hinder us. When I say He took us away, He took us away.

His Heart Speaks

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